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 We currently support the following platforms:

  1. Various Smart TVs
  2. Firesticks
  3. Android boxes
  4. Android Smart Phones
  5. Android Tablets

You need:

Minimum of 15 - 20 Mb/s connection for stable FHD transmission, 8 - 10 Mb/s for stable SD/HD. Please download the "Speedtest" app from your app store to see how fast your speed on your device is. We always recommend a wired ethernet connection over a WiFi connection. 

If you have an Android Box, ensure it has at least 2 GB RAM. You can see how much RAM you have by using the "CPU-Z" app in Google Play Store.

If you don't have a device, we can provide one posted directly to you.

Please see the options below.


choose your device

Android Box/Phone/Tablet


The most popular device to watch IPTV on, the popular choice for those who want portability and no software restrictions as Amazon devices have. Click here if you have an Android Box/Phone/Tablet.

Fire Stick or Fire TV


These ubiquitous devices manufactured by Amazon are commonly used to watch our services, not as fast as some Android boxes, but fast enough to run our services comfortably. Click here if you have a Fire Stick Fire TV device.

LG or Samsung Smart TV


Many people have LG and Samsung Smart TVs, they both have their own operating systems. The best app to use on these apps is called "Smart IPTV", please click here if you have one of these devices.

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